Going from an idea to a product

Cncgarasjen can help you producing your product. We are localised in Fredrikstad, Norway and can help you with rapid prototyping in wood, plastic and metal!


About us

Cncgarasjen started up in 2017 as a hobby and changed into a company, Cncgarasjen AS in 2018.
We are based in the south of norway, not far from the Swedish border in a city called Fredrikstad. We can offer technical CAD drawing of your ideas and projects, we love to produce your products from CAD files you allready have made, and help with making your products out of wood, plastic and aluminium using CNC machines and lasercutters.

If you want, we draw your product for you in CAD, or adjust your premade sketches to get started.
Send us a rough sketch of your project or ideas with sizes, and dimmensions, and we will help you out with a quote on the project before we get started.

One of the things that separates us from the other prototyping companies out there is that you can follow the entire process on video livestreams on
That way, the customer can follow the entire process without being there.

Lets get started!

Our services

Technical drawing

We help you out with your project and draw 3D CAD files after your measurements and dimentions. We create the nececarry CAM machinecode for the production process for you. You choose the material and we prepare for production.

Component Production

We create your components at our facilities. Smallscale or thousands of products? You decide. We are capable of doing both small and big projects. The more of one component you make, the more the costprice pr product drops.


When your product is finnished, and have passed quality control, we ship it to you, or you can pick it up at our facilities in Fredrikstad. You decide!

You are in control

Rapid prototyping for a new project, or smallscale production of your own components? Worried that your project will be shared with other when you outsource it to other continents?? You can follow the entire process and everything is produced locally under NDA at request right here in Norway.

Lets get started with your project now!

Ready to share your projects or ideas with us? Fantastic!
Drop us an email and we will help you get the ball rolling and your project out in the world!

Follow us on realtime when we work with yours and others projects with our video livestreaming

You will find some archived livestreams and other videos on

You can also visit our facebook page for more cool pictures, information about ongoing projects and contact us there if you want. Remember to click like!